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About Us

    MARCHALD FILTERS was born in 1974 from our passion for off-road.

    Our company has been producing motor air-filters for over 40 years, both for first equipment and for races and always for those customers who want high quality made in Italy products.


    Our products can be made from our customers projects or from MARCHALD original design, always respecting the structural needs and improving filtration and air transition throughout the air-box.

    Besides first installation, our catalogue consists of many after-market product lines qualified for any sport use: road bike, enduro, motocross, motard, atv-quad, pit-bike, scooter, 4X4 Cars, ultralight planes, model-making etc.

    Each filter is made with off-road material and technology that is to say an environment where motor and components performances are put under stress. That’s why our filtration components are efficient in any application field and they always offer that high quality that MARCHALD FILTERS gives to motocross and enduro World Championship

    -very low load loss
    -increase of air capacity
    -very fine filtering
    -total washability
    -reduction of noise
    -high quality and technological innovation

    Air Filters